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Our programmes combine high-quality delivery with bespoke objectives. We understand that all attendee's need to be engaged and course delivery needs to fit their personalities and learning styles. Therefore, we proudly offer a variety of flexible options in our course offerings. 

We provide training in the UK, Ireland, Europe and United States

Digital Signage Product Training (Onsite and selected Online)
Getting important information across has never been more important than it is today. Whether you have a single screen, multiple screens or a video wall, Train AV will be able to teach you how to maximise your message to your intended recipients. 

As the official training partner for Tripleplay we are able to offer end user training on one of the worlds powerful digital signage and IP platfoms.
Train AV can train you to create your structure of players, create content, design layouts, bring in IP tv, schedule and publish your presentations.
All of our digital signage courses cover good practice and presentation tips.

Samsung MagicInfo Author and Server
Samsung MagicInfo is a powerful digital signage platform, whether you have a signal screen or hundreds of screens across the world. Train AV can show you how to make powerful messages that reach your staff, vistor's or emergency messages. In todays modern world communication is key and MagicInfo is able to meet your requirements. Train AV can commission your system, help you design your internal structure, make presentations, schedule them to meet your needs and much more.

BrightSign is a popular digital signage platform, with easy to follow layout. BrightSign is more powerful than first meets the eye. Train AV can teach you how to fully utilise this powerful platform to make powerful messages, keep your staff up to date, visitors informed.

Signagelive is one of the most popular signage platforms, with lots of powerful built in features. Train AV will show you how to unlock this powerful platform. With lots of widgets and backgrounds Train AV are able to train your staff on how to use all these features and use good practices to ensure your company is delivering the right message.

LG is fast becoming one of the most popular digital signage platforms. Supersign is a powerful tool that enables to take your message to the next level. Train AV have been fully trained by LG to train your staff to ensure your messages are eye catching and engaging.

Interactive Software Training (Onsite Training)
Interactive screens are common place now in schools and companies. However it is unusual for them to be used to their full potential. Train AV will be able to train users on how to make a meeting, presentation or a lesson fully interactive to be able to get the WOW factor that we all strive for.

Smart Notebook
Smart have been a leader with in the interactive arena for many years. Smart Notebook allows you to make fully interactive lessons and presentations. Adding participation into a lesson and meeting will enhanced your sessions and make impactful statements. At Train AV we are not only fully qualified trainers we are fully accredited Smart Notebook Trainers. 

Microsoft Hub
The Microsoft Hub is a powerful collaborative interactive screen, that is built for team work. Using the Microsoft Hub you can bring in all of your Microsoft 365 tools and Skype for business. Train AV can help you turn your Microsoft Hub into one of the most powerful, impactful tools that your company has. 

Samsung E-Board
The Samsung E-Board is a popular interactive screen that has many powerful tools. Train AV are able to train your staff on how to make that impactful presentation that we all strive for.

Samsung FL!P
The Samsung FL!P is a unique interactive screen. It allows you to steam line your meetings and efficiently collaborate. Is it a digital flip chart, a presentation tool or a collaborative tool. Train AV can show you how it can be all three and more.

Room Handover
Companies spend tens of thousands on new meeting room and boardroom audio visual equipment. Train AV understands all of the components that make this work and we have the skill set to be able to deliver the handover so that all of the staff attending will be confident the next time they use the room to be able to deliver a high impactful meeting

Audio Visual Courses
These courses are modular based and designed for sales people within the AV industry. They cover a host of different topics including:

General AV overview (General overview of different products and terminology)
Interactive products (Covering the range of most popular Interactive displays)
Digital Signage overview (Looking at different platforms and which one to pick)
Site Survey (Learning how to conduct a site survey on a room)
Design Course (looking at designing a room, including all aspects of Visual, Audio, Presentation and room control.

Bespoke Courses
If your platform is not listed here, don't worry call us and we will see what we can do