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One of the most common questions we get asked during training is where do we get our backgrounds and content from. Train AV Ltd employ's graphic designers to create bespoke digital signage backgrounds and content. If you want to take you digital signage to a new level contact us to find out how we can create bespoke designs just for youType your paragraph here.

Background Design

Alot of companies struggle with the over all look of the screen, they can have great content however the overall presentation takes attention away from the content. Train AV use's it's 15 year's experience to design outstanding backgrounds that suit your companies style and flair and make your content stand out and deliver your important messages. 

We take a detailed design brief, look at the type of content you want to display and design the layout, you are then set the draft for your approval, we can make any changes that you need before you deliver the finished layout.

Content Creation

If you are not sure how to make your content stand out, Train AV can help, whether we make stunning animated video's or stunning slides we will be able to bring your wording and information to life.

Managed Services

One of our popular services the managed service mean's you don't need to worry. We will take your content, organise it into eye catching layouts, schedule it to play for you need it. We offer tailor made contracts, whether you want to update your screen fortnightly, weekly or daily we will have you covered.

This service is available for any platform that allows remote control such Signagelive, Brightsign Network, Tripleplay Lite or host MagicInfo.